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פוסטים אחרונים
רשימת תפוצה

Just Hannukkah

"Happy Hannukkah", wrote some friends - all from overseas. While the blessing is well intended, heartwarming and embracing with care and concern, these days most Israelis aren't using it.

This year we are not having a happy Hanukkah. Just a Hannukkah.

It can't be a happy Hannukkah as long as more than a hundred of our kidnapped civilians are still in the hands of Hamas, and from what we know through the stories of those who were saved, we are going out of our minds trying not to think that those who are still captive are undoubtedly going through torture and cruelty that no one should experience.

It can't be a happy Hannukkah when our soldiers - all our sons, daughters, spouses, friends - are still fighting for our basic right to live without terror lurching in our own back yard. We can't be happy when every single day, we wake up fearing the news, knowing we will hear about our casualties, news that break our hearts and that continue to haunt and pursuit us during the day as news of another, then another, hits our stomachs.

It can't be a Hannukkah filled with light when every day, new horror stories expose us to more and more testimonies of the cruelty, vicious evil that was done to us on Oct. 7th by Hamas, knowing that the venom of these terror groups is still trying to get us, ready to strike again whenever possible.

We can't be happy while witnessing how once again, antisemitism is rising its ugly head in the most unexpected places across the globe, stating loud and clear that we should be eliminated from the world, that it's ok to kill, rape, torture and behead us as long as it's "in context". After these racists try living in "the context" that we live in first, then they will be allowed to explain how experiencing terror depends "on context". Good luck.

We won't have a happy holiday as long as every unexpected sound - a door slamming, a box falling, an airplane passing - makes us all jump, look around for the closest saferoom, and go back to our activities only when we understand it was a false alarm.

We won't have a happy holiday as long as so many times, it isn't false.

We are fighting a just war. We refuse to compromise our own survival and resilience. We are aware of the voices who once again blame Israel and our very existence for - well, everything, but frankly we don't give a damn. Let them live with Hamas in their yards and we'll see how far they get.

While these are these voices exhibit blind, righteous hypocrisy, we do not: we know we have many faults, we know we have made some bad mistakes and misjudgements. We are paying the highest price for it. We also know that we must amend and rebuild. No one is perfect, neither are we.

But we have no doubt that we are on the side of humans who live by the values of life, doing good for the benefit of mankind, and of freedom from fear and terror as basic human rights. These are rights worth fighting for, rights that we are all entitled to enjoy. Even Israelis, even Jews.

Today, as I traveled through this hurting, multicomplicated and beautiful country of mine, I looked at everything we have achieved. The vibrant and multifaceted culture, science, hightech, agriculture, medicine, music, art. It's all here to stay. And I knew that we will continue to make sure that we bring as much light as we can.

It's what we Jews do. It's what we have been doing for centuries.

We have no intention of stopping now.

May the light of Hannukkah shine and lead us to better days ahead.

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